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Project Manager

Do you know how to speak Geek and influence the talented techies in your project team? Could you wear multiple hats and remember minute technical details at the same time? Do you know when to talk CoC with the Team and when to guiltlessly demand an overtime because of a bug? Do you have the capacity to zoom out to see the big picture and interconnections, and then zoom in to see specific solutions to a work challenge?


You should know your CGI concepts and storyboard elements, keeping current with the latest trends in UX and digital media. You should also be able to provide the team with clear project vision and goals, understanding of the critical tasks and an open line to get and give feedback.


If you are indeed that smart and reliable leader who has victoriously guided many a project teams towards doing their best work, talk to us.



  • Oversees our web and mobile projects’ development process from design conceptualization, planning, production, going live to troubleshooting.
  • Organizes, coordinates and guides the company’s designated IT team to complete the project on time.
  • Responsible for ensuring that funds are used optimally to ensure maximum quality according to the client’s technical specifications
  • Creates, coordinates and monitors production schedule with appropriate project management tools
  • Deals with suppliers and groups to source external project requirements
  • Provides input and troubleshooting on the project’s various production aspects
  • Receives, analyzes and comes up with recommendations for project development/modifications based on client feedback



  • Bachelor’s degree in IT, business or digital media, or its equivalent. Advanced degree desirable, but not required.
  • With at least 3 years of experience in a similar or comparable capacity.
  • With an impressive track record of handling successful similar multimedia and web projects.
  • A strong grasp of computer programming, software design and CGI.
  • A deep familiarity with project management tools, production pipelines, techniques and software
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills
  • Demonstrable interpersonal and people-management skills