Kitchen Spices Can Be Our Best Friends

April 2017 by Elizabeth

Here’s Why

Best friends, characteristically are there for you regardless of what you are going through. Likewise, your trusted kitchen spices that enhance your curries or flavor your cappuccinos can also work wonders on your skin. These seemingly underrated spices can instantly spice up your skin, making it feel smoother, fairer, tighter and blemish free, in no time!

The main reason why theses spices work so well on any type of skin is that they are packed with antioxidants and there are some that remove toxins from the skin. Here is a list of which spices work best for your skin and what makes them tick:

Turmeric is known for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties when consumed. This is why this spice is such an obvious choice for warding off acne and other skin deterrents such as blemishes, wrinkles and tanned skin tones. Many beauty products use turmeric and make it the hero ingredient for products related to skin, such as creams. By applying turmeric on your face, it’s not just the acne-causing bacteria that are relentlessly destroyed, but turmeric can also help reduce the growth of unwanted hair on the face and body! Imagine a life without those painful waxes and itchy-scratchy post shaving conundrums. Bliss.

Pepper is a hot spice! Yes, there is no denying that it produces heat in our bodies, when consumed. But it is this property exactly, that when mixed with other ingredients, helps loosen up the pores and gets rid of acne and blackheads in no time! This spice is really popular in massage oils and predominantly scrubs. Its key ingredient that helps exfoliates your skin, giving it a smooth and supple feeling afterwards.  A paste using cayenne pepper mixed with yogurt is also a great treatment for acne.

Cinnamon is also a hot spice indeed; it not only evokes the blood to increase circulation, but the fragrance of it is very sensual.  When applied to the skin, with other ingredients, of course, this spice draws maximum oxygen towards the applied area, boosting the collagen supply and firming up your skin – reducing the lines and your age in the process! For this is an antibacterial spice, cinnamon can also be used for acne treatments. Just a disclaimer that cinnamon can cause irritation to especially the sensitive skin types, so use this spice with caution.

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and just rubbing raw and fresh ginger on the skin, rinsing it after 20 minutes would give your skin an instant radiant glow. It does this by reducing the blemishes and improving the overall skin tone. After a ginger treatment, you are sure to look and feel young!

Clove is a spice that dentist have used since ancient times for its pain-killing properties. It also has antibacterial, antifungal and is also used as an aphrodisiac! The main properties are very useful for acne care. Clove oil is found in many beauty products and using the oil would reduce ageing effects such as wrinkles, sagging and under-eye dark circles.