Review: The Silk Spa At Habtoor City’s Luxurious Signature Silk Ritual

October 2018 by

Here’s a nugget from history – Roman emperors forbid men from wearing silk, on the grounds that it was frivolous.

Thankfully the ‘sumptuary laws’ were ineffectual and silk remains a byword for luxury till today. The Silk Spa at Habtoor City’s luxurious Signature Silk Ritual combines a body scrub, facial and massage and promises to leave you feeling as smooth as fibre it’s named after.

Our 120-minute descent into relaxation begins with a body scrub, using products from British range Espa. Although the salts are a little abrasive, they smell great and leave our skin as soft as…silk! The spa’s facilities are first-rate and we especially like the shower room, which combines lights and sound effects to recreate tropical rainstorms and fog showers.