9 Most Popular Massages To Calm You Down

April 2017 by Elizabeth

To Get A Quick Idea Of What The Most Popular Types Of Massage Services Being Offered Around The World Are, Then Here Is A List That Gives You A Gist Of What To Expect:

  1. Hot Stone Massage: This massage essentially uses flat and smooth stones that are heated up. The therapist uses them to massage area on your body that may feel tense and have tightened muscles. The stones can also be placed in strategic points on your body to give you maximum relaxation. The key benefits of a hot stone massage are for people suffering from arthritis, poor circulation, backaches and other body aches, stress, depression and even insomnia.
  1. Thai Massage: Unlike the name, this massage was originally developed in India 2500 years ago. This massage focuses on aligning the different energies of the body. This is done using pressure on different points, very gently. The therapists may use his or her hands, feet and elbows to get the right amount of pressure and also, stretch your body similar to yoga stretches. The benefits of this massage are mainly relaxation, increasing energy, circulation and even flexibility of the body.


  1. Shiatsu: This is a Japanese form of massage that uses the pressure of the fingers/thumbs/palms to massage high energy points, balancing your qi in the process. Certain pressure points when massaged with just the fingertips creates a good pain that may not be comfortable for some people; the therapist must be informed immediately so the pressure can be adjusted according to your comfort level. This massage calms your nervous system which could over energize, this in turn improves circulation, relaxing muscles and reducing stress levels in your body.


  1. Watsu: The name is a mix of water and shiatsu, since the massage takes place in warm water that is waist-deep. The pool is heated to the same temperature as your body; the treatment is private and takes place in a quiet area, just like other massages. The therapist cradles you in the water and that can be very powerful relaxer and also a technique to calm you down tremendously. You feel more connected and on an emotional level, your trust levels increase.


  1. Lomi – Lomi: This is an ancient Hawaiian massage. The main focus of this massage is to eliminate energy blockages within your body. These blockages are believed to affect a person’s, mental, physical and spiritual health. The massage is spiritually centered and the therapist makes rhythmic movements. Moreover, the use of herbal remedies, meditation and different levels of breathing exercises are also involved in a lomilomi massage.


  1. Lava Shell Massage: Just like the hot stone massage, the lava shell massage uses heated shells, especially the ones from the Philippines to massage you. The chemical reaction that takes place within the shell keeps it warm for about 2 hours. If it is too warm in the beginning, then you must inform your therapist. It is a relaxing massage, however; if you want a deeper massage, then a hot stone massage is the option for you.


  1. Trigger Point Therapy: Trigger points are knots within your body that spreads pain through a whole area. There are embedded inside the fibers of the muscles. The massage finds these trigger points, holds them in a pincer grip and releases when the pain dispels. It may take more than just one massage to get rid of all the trigger points in your body.


  1. Rolfing: This massage involves very high amounts of pressure and deep tissue work to release the fibrous connective tissue that causes tension in your body. This massage helps rid of musculoskeletal problems. Although you may find some relief, you will have to bear a lot of pain to get there.


  1. Abyhanga Massage: This is an Ayurveda based massage that uses hot oil all over your body and gentle massages in order to relax all your muscles. The main benefit is that accumulates all the toxins in the body and helps eliminate them with the steam bath that follows right after the hot oil massage. It not only ends giving you a calming massage, but it also leaves you with smooth skin, toned muscles and increased circulation within your body.