Six Important Things You Should Know Before Getting A Massage

October 2018 by News

Scheduling an appointment for a regular massage is a great idea.  The benefits of getting massage therapy such as improved blood circulation, increased immunity, and fast relief from stress and anxiety are just too good to resist.  Before you go looking for a massage center in Abu Dhabi, it would be a great idea to home in on some of the things your therapist want to tell you beforehand but couldn’t.  Here are some of the inside scoop on how to have the best possible massage experience straight from the therapists themselves…

It’s Okay to Take Off All Your Clothes

There is nothing wrong with taking all of your clothes and being buck naked. Massage therapists are trained professionals and being naked actually leads to better massage experience.  Being in your underwear can get in the way of long strokes or lead to the therapists missing key pressure points which can lessen the experience.  If you’re still not sure about full-on naked, then undress only to a point where you don’t feel uncomfortable.

Steady Your Breathing

If it’s your first time getting a massage, tensing up or holding your breath is totally normal.  Breath in fully and exhale deeply to steady your breathing.  This will help draw oxygen to your body and improve blood circulation which can loosen tense muscles and help you to fully benefit from the massage session.