How To Increase Salon & Spa Productivity In Six Steps

October 2018 by News

So, your salon/spa is not as productive and efficient as it should be. You’re certainly not alone and share the same frustrations as many of the country’s top salons and spas. Now, how do you reach the target benchmark of +/- 85% productivity and achieve the kind of profit levels that you deserve?

There are six strategies to accomplish this objective, and they don’t include layoffs, closing locations or other drastic and painful measures. However, if your productivity rate is less than 40%, decisive steps may be required today to ensure the salon/spa’s survival and success tomorrow. For most salons and spas, it’s a question of prioritizing the right activities to increase output.

Here are six strategies to get you on the path to greater productivity:

1. Retain 75-80% of New Clients
On average salons and spa retain only 30% or new clients. Imagine what your appointment book would look like if 80-90% of clients pre-booked before they left the salon/spa. You know what that does to your productivity rates? They skyrocket. And you know what that costs? NOTHING! Now think about how much you spend on marketing only to run at 30% retention. Get it? What most owners fail to realize, is that client retention is the most powerful revenue producing and productivity building strategies available to them.

2. Increase Client Frequency
The salon/spa must do everything in its power to make it easy for clients to come back sooner, not later. Pre-booking clients should be standard procedure — as long as it doesn’t create appointment gridlock for service provider too far in advance. E-mails, automated marketing programs (Demandforce), last-minute booking portals (WebOpenings) and courtesy calls are excellent tools to increase the frequency of client visits.