7 Effective Ways To Attract Clients To Your Salon Or Spa

October 2018 by News

Are you looking to get more clients to walk in the door of your salon or spa? Marketing is probably the number one concern for salon owners as it can seem impossible and quite expensive at times. If you are not getting enough clients, chances are you need to switch up your promotion tactics and kick it up a notch.

Here are some great ideas to attract more clients to your salon or spa:

1. Introduce a solid loyalty program. A great loyalty program can win the hearts of your potential clients. If you currently have a program, try spicing it up and making it more worthy for your customers. A great loyalty program can be simple; schedule three haircuts, get one half off. Rewarding your clients with a point system or some sort of a giveback will ensure they’ll come back to your salon.

2. Start networking more. Don’t be scared to go out there and network. Websites like Meetup have several networking groups in various areas, and some are even free to join. Bring plenty of business cards and introduce your own company or the one you represent. It is a proven way to build your book of business. The truth is…networking really works!