6 Weekly Spa Treatments To Stay Beautiful

April 2017 by Elizabeth

Do You Have A Trusted Nightly Beauty Routine?

The one where you should take off all the make-up, massage your face with a moisturizer, moisturize your arms and legs, et al? Well, most women do and in spite of this, they still get themselves these spa treatments every single week to stay beautiful:

  1. Intense exfoliation: Microdermabrasion is a treatment either done at a medical spa (check out my blog on popular spa treatments to know more) or a facial that uses sodium bicarbonate as a key ingredient to remove all dead cells and reveal beautifully toned baby skin underneath. To be done just one a week, no more. 
  2. Lip Scrub: You can either buy lip scrubbing products or you could make a concoction of honey, sugar and lime juice and scrub your lips. You can avoid all sorts of the public lipstick-peeling drama and do this to have pink, luscious and healthy lips!
  3. Hair Massage: getting a hair massage with hot oil, will perk up your hair follicles, sending heaps of oxygen to the scalp, and nourishing your hair at the same time.
  4. Body Soak: With increasing pollutants in the air, sun exposure and the amounts of creams applied on the body clog pores and damage the skin. A weekly body soak that has warm water, milk, honey and rose petals for added exuberance and fragrance, guarantees supple skin that is deeply moisturized.
  5. Pedicure: Yes, to be done weekly. If trips to the salon are too much for you, then do one for yourself at home. Soak your feet in warm green tea for 20min, scrub your heels and go nail polish-free, at least for a day after the treatment. 
  6. Massage: Soft music, low lights and soft hands relaxing your muscles every week is guaranteed stairway to happiness.