Why Visits To Spas Refresh The Body & The Mind

April 2017 by Elizabeth

All You Needed To Know -

With long hours at work or the never-ending house chores, there is a lot that is going on in everyone’s lives, these days, that taking a break or even a long luxurious shower is an indulgence in itself.  However good you may feel just by lazing on the couch or going out for a meal, it’s really not enough because the cycle continues and soon it’s time for that much-needed break yet again. And when you absolutely burn out, you feel the stress manifest into body aches, fatigue, and disturbed sleep patterns.      

Well, a regular visit to your favorite spa can do so much more for your body and your mind! The benefits of making spa’s a necessity are just too many. Here are a few reasons why visits to spas are so refreshing!

1. Reduce stress that shows up in the form of body aches and muscular pains.

A soothing massage can do so much to relieve stress from your body and calm you down as well. The gentle strokes of a Swedish massage, or even just a foot reflexology, dispel all the tension in key areas of your body like the neck, shoulders, back, legs and feet.

2. Reduce stress that shows up in the form of mental tension and anxiety.

An aromatherapy massage can edify your senses, distracting you from the regular stressors and negative thoughts in your mind. This is a much-needed break and time away from those pesky phone calls, pressure, responsibilities and the like.

3. Reduce stress that shows up in the form of physical tiredness and mental fatigue.

The soothing massages and the right oils help increase the blood circulation in your body. A Thai massage or an Ayurveda massage increases energy in your body, thus relieving you of all the exhaustion. 

4. Spa Therapies help Detoxify.

An Abhagya massage, for instance, accumulates all the toxins from the body, when your body is massaged with hot oils. These toxins are then flushed from your body with the steaming action.

5. Spa therapies give you healthy, glowing skin.

The scrubbing action is massages such as the Hammam massages, gently exfoliates your whole body, removing all the dead cells; body polishing is also another treatment that helps remove dead cells, and a warm body soak afterwards, moisturizes your body and gives it the glow it deserves.

6. Firm up loose skin and treat the unsightly appearance of cellulite, revealing younger-looking skin.

Facial treatments or other chemical treatments at a medical spa can help increase the oxygen flow to the face, thereby, increasing the blood circulation there and giving you a youthful look.